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Life in 16 x 9


I bumped into Billy outside of the club and he asked if I wanted to see his studio next door so we went inside where his friend was sitting with a guitar. I sat at the piano and started playing a little and soon they both joined in with their drumsticks and pick. Even though billy plays in a punk rock duo he was so sensitive to my style and the result was “moving” (his words).

That’s the whole point of music.

It’s why I sent Jerome a video clip earlier that day continuing his piano cover. Eventhough i had listened to it on a loop over and over the week before because I like the song it wasn’t until I noticed his hand yesterday that I was moved to say — I so much much respect your grit in not letting anything get in the way of your music— with E, B, and F#chords— not with words.

These two unexpected moments with people I’ve only met once before or never at all IRL remind me how exhilarating it is when you find people who appreciate the way you express yourself in this world and are thrilled to play along with you.